Somewhere in here there is a way to display 500 Errors in Remote Browsers with II 7.x

Fascinating stuff about what Job Offers tell us about corporate architecture

Getting Excited about Sophos new UTM Offerings


Sophos UTM Offerings

Contact us if you are interested!

Super Cool: The Rise of IO Domains

New Favorite Inexpensive Desktop

We have been recommending these to everyone:

Just don’t buy up the whole stock of them as we have more clients to order them for!

Likely Next Laptop: Acer V5-122P-0857

Acer laptop Backlit keyboard…

Touch screen…

Have to upgrade to SSD, and replace Windows 8.

Running Sysprep on Windows 2008 R2 x64 Server


This may be the coolest thing this decade!


For automotive cross computer geeks…

WooCommerce Products Import/Export

What is the best way to export 5000 products, let the client manipulate them in Excel, and then re-import them?

Freshbooks Users …


Do you guys delete projects after you finish them? How do you keep the ones you have closed out out of your billing and tracking workflow?