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It’s time for DKIM!

Last week it seems like Google changed their group (Google App’s groups) spam settings and it shutdown most of one of our client’s internal emails to their groups.

We trouble-shooted the email headers, and saw a SPF softfail, but also a link to the new Google groups spam policy. After talking to Engineering over at Google, it became clear that a DKIM setup was necessary to prevent this.

We logged into Google Apps management to generate the public key and then setup the DNS, using the tool at DNS Watch to generate a parallel entry for testing. It’s fixed!

Browser Text Area Updates

Now, we are seeing some of this to be fair, in mobile browsing applications (i.e. Android, iOS and so on…) but it is still correct to say it is for the most part ignored. Even something like browser-level caching and local clipboards of typed content would be handy.

Btw there is something strange going on here: the textarea is the most popular text editor out there, the most used one where millions of people write short and long text every day, and still browser developers are not realizing that it should be improved.

Thank you! Rolling on GIT

FINALLY we’re rolling on GIT…

The link that pushed us over the edge:

Thank you:

Feature Request: Signature Filter (in Basecamp, RTM, others)

We need a signature filter for Basecamp email inputs, RTM email inputs, and others, where the software learns to recognize the “signature” elements of the inbound email and removes them from the “active data” portion of the message. It should also apply retroactively, since in the abscense of an industry standard signature demarcation (excepting “–” which seems to be the only standard) it would take 2+ repetitions for the AI to determine what constitutes the static portion of the inbound messages. Alternatively, some other form of marking the active data could be used, but that would be a less clean solution and require user training.

Perhaps a single, open-source component could be developed and implemented in many places.

Facebook Link/Quotation-esque Plugin for WordPress

What I really, really should like would be a plugin for WordPress that would mimic Facebook’s (and now Google Plus’s) citing method… the one where it pulls in thumbnails and a little excerpt automatically from the target page, and let’s you select which thumbnail you prefer. I’d like to be able to use that at the beginning or anywhere really in WordPress posts, pages, and sidebars. Let us know if anything like that already exists!