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Delicious Library 2

“Or, have you ever loaned a book or DVD or $200 DeWalt Cordless Driver to a friend, and forgotten which friend? And then bought another? With Delicious Library you just drag any item onto any friend from your Address Book, and it’ll remember the loan for you — and even put an entry in iCal reminding you when it’s due. Or maybe you have something lying around you don’t use, like an out-of-print book, that’s worth serious bucks and you don’t know it? Because with Delicious Library 2 you always know the current value of your things, and can put your used items up for sale with three clicks. Or maybe you just want to publish your library to the web and share it with your friends…”


We’ve long been a proponent of OpenSSH.

You can grab a client/server version for Windows from sourceforge:

However, here’s an interesting note about the SFTP server part of the package:

Creating Home Directories for you[r] Users
In the passwd file, you will notice that the user’s home directory is set as /home/username, with username being the name of the account. In the default install, the /home directory is set to the default profile directory for all users. This is usually c:\documents and settings.
If you want to change this location you will need to edit the passwd file. The passwd file is in plain text and can be edited in Notepad or any text editor. The last two entries for each user are safe to edit by hand. The second to last entry (/home/username) can be replaced with any other directory to act as that user’s home directory. It’s worth noting that when you run SSH on windows, you are actually running SSH in a scaled down version of cygwin, which is a Unix emulator for Windows. So, if you will be placing the user somewhere outside the default directory for their Windows profile, you will need to use the cygdrive notation.
To access any folder on any drive letter, add /cygdrive/DRIVELETTER/ at the beginning of the folder path. As an example, to access the winnt\system32 directory on the *c:* drive you would use the path:

Emphasis added.


ImgBurn is a lightweight CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application that everyone should have in their toolkit!

VideoLAN – VLC media player

VideoLAN is the ONLY video/multimedia player you need. It runs on nearly every platform, and is free.

VMWare Fusion

These days the developer’s workstation is not complete without multiple virtual machines. On the OS X platform, VMWare Fusion is the leading virtualization software.


Unzilla provides webhosting at a fraction of the cost of traditional webhosts. The best value are the Unzilla Management Solutions which transform your website into a worry-free, well-oiled machine!


Cutting-edge Dreamhost provides excellent webhosting service at a fraction of the cost of traditional hosts.

Check out Unzilla if you need more for less.


For cheap shared hosting, it’s hard to beat Hostgator. They also have dedicated boxes and reseller packages. Here at YCG, we’ve used them for years. However, if all you need are the basics, check out Unzilla. It doesn’t get any better than that.


Use OpenDNS

OpenDNS, the choice of tens of thousands of businesses and schools,
lets you easily block individual or entire categories of Web sites in
just minutes. It’s free and requires nothing to download or install.

It also makes your network faster and more reliable, and gives you
tools to easily see which Web sites are most visited on your network. If
you see problem Web sites in your network stats, you can easily block

Fax It Nice

One of the niceties is the ‘pay for what you use’ account type — no monthly fees. You can have your own, toll-free fax number, without paying a monthly fee.