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Step-by-step Solution for Solving the WIDCOMM Bluetooth No License Error for USB


(1) Unplug the USB Bluetooth adapter.

(2) Uninstall any driver software you may have installed.

(3) Reboot.

(4) Install the WIDCOMM BTW Software(I have version, but whatever came on your cd should work)

(5) When it asks you to plug in the Bluetooth device and click OK, AND DO NOT PLUG IT IN!!! Click Cancel instead.

(6) AFTER the installation is finished, plug in the USB Bluetooth and let windows install the driver.

(7) Right-click on “My Computer,” go to “Manage.”(8) Left-click on “Device Manager.” (in the left pane)(9) Right-click on the “Generic Bluetooth Radio” & click “Update Driver”

Windows will ask you to allow it to connect to the internet & search for a driver.

(10) Select “No, not this time” & click next

(11) Select “Install from a list (Advanced)”

(12) Select “Don’t search. I will choose the driver”

(13) Make sure the “Show compatible hardware” box is checked

(14) Select the WIDCOMM drivers here(mine says “CSR USB Bluetooth Device)

(15) Click Next.

The WIDCOMM drivers should load up without a hitch and you should be operational.

(If you are missing the WIDCOMM drivers altogether, please leave a comment — we can probably locate a copy for you.)