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The Year-to-Date’s Timeline Flowchart

This year has been different in weather, economics, and the flow in the computer consulting business.

As we observed it, there was a bit of a lull as the calendar turned the corner from 2008 into 2009. In early to mid Q1, we had a rush of semi-panic stricken clients foaming at the mouth to get their annual plan, budget, and timeline flowchart into place (you know who you are).

At the end of Q1, right around tax time in fact, we have a bustle of business trying to figure out where they were on their annual plans, and why they weren’t further.

Since that last outburst, all has been quite on the computer consulting and internet engineering front as we quietly, efficiently put tasks to bed for the last few months.

Now as we reach the midpoint of the year, suddenly it is time to square away projects for the next five or six months. Now is the time to lock in Your Computer Genius for the duration of 2009!

We expect to have our heads down and to be working hard till December. At the rate we’re being booked now, we won’t have a chance to step outside till Christmas!