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Time Service on SBS 2011

Just used this today on a Windows Small Business Server 2011 (Server 2008 R2 in disguise!).

Thank you for the post!

Using the Built in VPN Server in OS X (10.6)

Very interesting:

I am thinking about waiting till I have a Lion Server machine setup, though.

Fascinating: Chorded Keyboard on a Touchscreen

Feature Request: Signature Filter (in Basecamp, RTM, others)

We need a signature filter for Basecamp email inputs, RTM email inputs, and others, where the software learns to recognize the “signature” elements of the inbound email and removes them from the “active data” portion of the message. It should also apply retroactively, since in the abscense of an industry standard signature demarcation (excepting “–” which seems to be the only standard) it would take 2+ repetitions for the AI to determine what constitutes the static portion of the inbound messages. Alternatively, some other form of marking the active data could be used, but that would be a less clean solution and require user training.

Perhaps a single, open-source component could be developed and implemented in many places.

Professional Voicemail Services

A couple of services we definitely want to check into:

I’m excited about getting an Auto-Attendant to redirect calls to all our various Geniuses.

Verizon Mobile Broadband on Dell XT2 with Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit

Well, we still haven’t made progress on getting the Dell 5730 Wireless Broadband (VZW) card working on the Dell XT2 running Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit.

Here are a few links of similiar things that have been achieved:

With the XT2 tablet in particular, there are some interesting caveats. I haven’t been able to access or activate the card under Windows XP either — the Fn+F9 switch is supposed to toggle between WiFi and the Mobile Broadband card, but it seems to be an all or nothing switch. There are several options in the BIOS, as well as a configurable hardware radio switch, but playing with those options hasn’t resulted in anything. Ubuntu does see the card, but can’t establish a connection with it, and presumably, lacks the software to activate the card if it were able to launch it.

Oh well… We have an even more killer mobile broadband setup we’ve moved to instead, we’ll feature that in another post.


ImgBurn is still our favorite .iso burning application on Windows.

Check out the CNET Review and download it now — it’s free!