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Feature Request: Free Enabling of SSH/SFTP Access to Sub-accounts on Host Gator’s Reseller Servers

It’s 2013, and you are still wanting to charge me for adding SSH/SFTP access to each user’s account? Please note: FTP is inherently insecure and should not be in use anymore, except perhaps wrapped in SSL. When you are sitting on a shared network, it is trivial for your passwords and so on to be sniffed. And in the Reseller setup, the default FTP account has the same password as the cPanel login… which is why we always use one-time throw away FTP account when forced to do so.

This is the #1 reason why I prefer to open sub-accounts under our other hosting providers.



We offer you jailed SSH, which limits access to your account only. In order to get jailed SSH access, come into Live Chat and request for us to enable this for you. Please note: This is a free service only for the primary domain on the account.

If you would like to activate SSH on a sub-account (separate cPanel), there is a one time charge of $10 per sub-account you would like activated. Please submit the online form.

If you have multiple cPanels which need SSH, then you will need to fill out the form as many times as necessary.




Remember Labels in Gmail?

I just counted (html > spreadsheet > row count / 2) the number of labels I have in my primary* Gmail account: it came to over 80.

How many do I use on a regular (daily) basis? 0.

How many do I use on a weekly basis? Maybe a handful. 5-10.

I do special purpose creates for them, but more realistically it’s easier to throw an IMAP setup on Thunderbird and use ImportExport Tools to do any significant manipulation of email data.

So, yup, it’s pretty much time for them to go… even though they were the hit controversial thing, with Gmail pulling us away from “real” IMAP folders at the time.



*Gmail: You can’t have just one. At least no self-respecting geek can, anyway.

Fired? He should be promoted…

…a manager-in-the-making, at least, if not C-level.


Missing Plug-in Rant

No website should say “Missing Plug-in.”

Just saying. Even if the techie that built the site *really thinks* that every user *must* have that plug in. 🙂

Think about the site from a usability perspective, and try to cater to the viewers. Please!

Feature Request: Freshbooks Online Timer Rounding

We bill in quarter-hour increments, so it would be perfect if this timer interface (the web timer) had preferences. It should be able to configure it to round to whatever increment needed; it should support up, down, or nearest rounding as well. Auto-rounding (based on the selected preferences) and a few seconds delay a la Timersync after hitting submit would be ideal.

The only reason the browser is in use at the moment is because this is on OS X (and the dashboard widget is outdated and a pain).


Outlook Rules Wizard (Office 2010)

If you imported your rules from a previous version of Outlook and somehow all of them or many of them got marked “and on this computer only” and they are not processing correctly, you can fix them by one by one opening each rule, and re-selecting the destination folder (it should already be highlighted). Then, clicking “Finish.” The “on this computer only” should have dropped from the rule description. Then click “Apply” to save all your changes.

Oh, the pain of the Microsoft Outlook Rules and Alerts editor!

Feature Request: Basecamp Completed To Do Lists at top of Active To Do Lists

…or at least have a toggle-able option in the settings for such. Thanks!

“Create MP3 Version” missing in iTunes

It’s not really missing, but the “Create xyz Version” is dependent on your encoding settings in iTunes preferences. Of course. Hmm.


Thanks, Apple Insider folks!