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Verifone VX680

Yesterday we were working with our good friends at Portland Merchant Services with some very technical work on a pair of Verifone VX680 handheld payment devices.

I am very surprised by how little information is available about these devices on the open web. Now certainly, limiting the information available is important because of the need for security. But closed source devices like these often have numerous gaping wide security holes that never get patched because of their limited exposure.

Is anyone familiar with them? Is there a community of developers, administrators, or engineers that has deep experience with them?


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Drivers for Verifone VX680 Terminal (COM8)

Customer Spotlight: Lever Bar

Your Computer Genius has worked with Strength Productions LLC for a long time. When they needed a web site to support and sell their new product, YCG came through for them. Strength Productions is a training success story — once WordPress was installed, they practically designed and built their own site!

Visit them at