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Recommendation: Free Antivirus

UPDATE 20111110: See our updated free antivirus recommendation page.

Here at YCG, we get a lot of requests for recommendations. At the top of the list—as far as quantity of requests—are requests for a free antivirus program.

While every business or corporation should have a professional security package installed and administered by a reputable network administration and security firm (like Your Computer Genius), free antivirus programs may be suitable for the home user.

In the recent past, we have recommended AVG’s free edition, and indeed, we have corporate clients who use the AVG network edition for their security solutions. However, recently it seems like Avast has edged out AVG in terms of ease-of-use, usability, and features.

Here are links to both versions. Please note that you should check the terms of service carefully—many free version of software do not allow commercial use. The summary reviews on CNET are also probably worth a quick glance before you commit to the software.


JotNot –> DropBox! Woo-hoo

Scans via JotNot on the iPhone can get sent to DropBox…and from there seamlessly sync’d to the cloud et al devices.

The only cost involved? The $1.99 app (and some kind of data access, wi-fi from the Verizon MiFi in this case).

Verizon MiFi 2200 Charger Hack

Thanks, guys—this helped.

I think my original MiFi wall charger died. I have tried various solutions to get 5V power to it, with the next being an attempt to bridge 5V from a 400-watt power supply to a Micro-B adapter… 🙂

Freshbooks to Freckle?

What I need is a way for time entries in Freshbooks to feed into people and projects in Freckle…

Trying Out Apple’s Mobile.Me

I’m trying out Apple’s Mobile.Me, as part of my concerted effort to de-construct tech needs and provide the simplest solution possible.

Project and Company Management Software

I’m using Project Pier, Freshbooks, and Freckle, while trying to avoid Basecamp.

But the number of reasonable project management software solutions out there has ballooned recently.

Here are the candidates which I am currently evaluating:


Open Atrium: