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Freshbooks Users …


Do you guys delete projects after you finish them? How do you keep the ones you have closed out out of your billing and tracking workflow?


Outlook Rules Wizard (Office 2010)

If you imported your rules from a previous version of Outlook and somehow all of them or many of them got marked “and on this computer only” and they are not processing correctly, you can fix them by one by one opening each rule, and re-selecting the destination folder (it should already be highlighted). Then, clicking “Finish.” The “on this computer only” should have dropped from the rule description. Then click “Apply” to save all your changes.

Oh, the pain of the Microsoft Outlook Rules and Alerts editor!

“Create MP3 Version” missing in iTunes

It’s not really missing, but the “Create xyz Version” is dependent on your encoding settings in iTunes preferences. Of course. Hmm.


Thanks, Apple Insider folks!