Dell Releases VOSTRO Line Of Laptops

Submitted by Your Computer Genius on Wed, 2007/09/19 – 6:43pm.

Dell has released a new line of laptops named “VOSTRO.”

These are exciting because they herald in a new era of hardware/software suppliers’ accountability to their customers.

New computers are routinely flooded with a bevy of ad-supported and other gimmicky software before leaving the depots. Dell has changed all that with the VOSTRO. As part of the machine-building process, Dell allows customers to modify the nitty-gritty details of the software that they are receiving.

It lets the choice of precisely what is installed fall to the customer, which in the case of small companies, may equate to hundreds of dollars of IT time which would be otherwise spent mindlessly clicking “uninstall.”

Linkage: Dell’s New VOSTRO Line of Laptops

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