Feature Request: Free Enabling of SSH/SFTP Access to Sub-accounts on Host Gator’s Reseller Servers

It’s 2013, and you are still wanting to charge me for adding SSH/SFTP access to each user’s account? Please note: FTP is inherently insecure and should not be in use anymore, except perhaps wrapped in SSL. When you are sitting on a shared network, it is trivial for your passwords and so on to be sniffed. And in the Reseller setup, the default FTP account has the same password as the cPanel login… which is why we always use one-time throw away FTP account when forced to do so.

This is the #1 reason why I prefer to open sub-accounts under our other hosting providers.



We offer you jailed SSH, which limits access to your account only. In order to get jailed SSH access, come into Live Chat and request for us to enable this for you. Please note: This is a free service only for the primary domain on the account.

If you would like to activate SSH on a sub-account (separate cPanel), there is a one time charge of $10 per sub-account you would like activated. Please submit the online form.

If you have multiple cPanels which need SSH, then you will need to fill out the form as many times as necessary.






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