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Feature Request: Freshbooks Online Timer Rounding

We bill in quarter-hour increments, so it would be perfect if this timer interface (the web timer) had preferences. It should be able to configure it to round to whatever increment needed; it should support up, down, or nearest rounding as well. Auto-rounding (based on the selected preferences) and a few seconds delay a la Timersync after hitting submit would be ideal.

The only reason the browser is in use at the moment is because this is on OS X (and the dashboard widget is outdated and a pain).


Feature Request: Basecamp Completed To Do Lists at top of Active To Do Lists

…or at least have a toggle-able option in the settings for such. Thanks!


Once email is in your account, you ought to be able to rename it (via the subject line) on the fly.

Feature Request: The New Basecamp

* The ability to “Star” tasks and have them show up in a central place on the Dashboard (i.e. tasks I’m going to do today vis a vis GTD)

* Toggle-able, searchable, inherent Priority tab on every task (with custom priority levels) aka tags for to-do’s




* Drag-able content on the “Me” page, as well as

* Saving the last state of the To Do’s drop down select on page refresh/reload

* The pop up for the due date / assignee should not disappear in between selecting the two of those. (This makes 4 clicks for setting both, instead of 3…)

Panic Fail: Transmit-Coda shortcut sharing/syncing.

Well, Panic can’t really FAIL, because they’re so awesome, but c’mon guys, this would be a great time saving feature!

Of course, they don’t have anything to lose, since I’m already such a rabid fan that I’ll automatically buy the new version of whatever they put out, but c’mon guys…

Google Calendar Fail: Jump to a Date

You can’t put a date in the search box and jump to that date.

The New Basecamp: Y’all Fix This Now

Dear Basecamp,

The new Basecamp is great, and I know you are working on the upgrading process. A couple things that would be nice are

(1) An option to de-privatize all “Private” items in a projects, in lieu of a method of being able to import them.

(2) An option to notify All Users of a project when it is imported.

I find myself manually doing these two steps on each project that I do import, because not having Private items in the new version is not a deal-killer for most projects (the loop-in feature neatly replaces most of the need for this, although they are do not fit exactly the same scenarios), and everybody does have to be notified when the project moves 🙂 although I appreciate that it is not automatic.

Thank you!

UPDATE 20120424-Tue

It would also be very nice to have a one-click import for all eligible projects. It takes a while to go in and click on each one, and wait, and click, and so on.

UPDATE 2012-05-07 Mon

Everything’s migrated except one project… Where I’ve gone through and looked and looked for that last tricky Private item and haven’t found it yet. Aaargh…

Feature Request: Signature Filter (in Basecamp, RTM, others)

We need a signature filter for Basecamp email inputs, RTM email inputs, and others, where the software learns to recognize the “signature” elements of the inbound email and removes them from the “active data” portion of the message. It should also apply retroactively, since in the abscense of an industry standard signature demarcation (excepting “–” which seems to be the only standard) it would take 2+ repetitions for the AI to determine what constitutes the static portion of the inbound messages. Alternatively, some other form of marking the active data could be used, but that would be a less clean solution and require user training.

Perhaps a single, open-source component could be developed and implemented in many places.

Google Analytics: Fix the UI so it remembers the number of rows.

Some of us have 50 accounts in there, and it’s annoying and SO SLOW to keep hitting next, OR having to reset the row selection each time.


Apple: Fix the WWAN status in the menu bar option

…in OS X 10.6, Preferences, Network…

The checkbox never stays checked. And the WWAN status never shows up in the menu bar.

This is for various Verizon/VZW devices, at least the USB720 and the MiFi 2200 Novatel.