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What computer should I buy?

As the resident and go-to tech genius consortium for a wide range of businesses and individuals, we get asked this question a lot.

The best hardware platforms and factory hardware / software setups are being made by Apple in California.

The ideal system for the small business or home user is the iMac.

If portability is required, then the ideal system is the MacBook.

Users may run Apple’s OS X, Microsoft’s Windows XP, and any of a number of flavors of Linux on these systems. These operating systems may be also be configured to each be available on a particular machine.

There are several further considerations:

  • If the primary concern is budget, then we still recommend scanning the Dell Outlet for their cheapest offering.
  • Apple does not offer a Tablet computer at this time, however there is at least one company that professionally remixes MacBooks into a tablet version.
  • We don’t recommend running Windows Vista on ANY hardware platform at this time.


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iMacs Are The Best Desktops On The Market


Submitted by Your Computer Genius on Fri, 2007/09/21 – 6:35pm.


Simply put, Apple’s line of iMacs are the best choice for desktop consumers.

Apple recently has begun making what is universally considered far-and-away the best meld of hardware and software, from boot to shutdown. Apple’s engineers have been doing amazing things with software that works not only on the new Macs but also on all Intel-based machines, including those running windows.

For example, Bonjour is a zero-configuration networking protocol that literally connects your shared printers (among other things) in milliseconds.

There really are no negatives to this one. IMacs come standard with WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 2.0, DVD-Burners, and the whole host of Mac OS X Software (built-in PDF manipulation, the journaling file system). The open source remote desktop software built for OS X, CoRD, works far better than Microsoft’s own client, either on the Mac or PC.

Apple has long been criticized for being more expensive, pound for pound of raw power. But years of paying attention to the details make purchasing an iMac (or Mac Mini, or MacBook) worth every cent.

Of course, you can run Windows natively on these (or in a Virtual Machine) but why would you? Mac and PC formats for every file have been completely compatible and 100% interchangeable for years.

Apple is making the best computers out there these days, and of these, the iMac is the #1, top-flight recommendation for desktop consumers, businesses, and power users.

Dell Releases VOSTRO Line Of Laptops

Submitted by Your Computer Genius on Wed, 2007/09/19 – 6:43pm.

Dell has released a new line of laptops named “VOSTRO.”

These are exciting because they herald in a new era of hardware/software suppliers’ accountability to their customers.

New computers are routinely flooded with a bevy of ad-supported and other gimmicky software before leaving the depots. Dell has changed all that with the VOSTRO. As part of the machine-building process, Dell allows customers to modify the nitty-gritty details of the software that they are receiving.

It lets the choice of precisely what is installed fall to the customer, which in the case of small companies, may equate to hundreds of dollars of IT time which would be otherwise spent mindlessly clicking “uninstall.”

Linkage: Dell’s New VOSTRO Line of Laptops