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Using the Built in VPN Server in OS X (10.6)

Very interesting: http://blog.theilluminatedengineer.com/?p=136

I am thinking about waiting till I have a Lion Server machine setup, though.

Finally! A Robust Free IPSEC Client for OS X


Finally! A Robust Free IPSEC Client for OS X

What We’ve Been Up To

Here’s are just a few of the projects that the Your Computer Genius Team has knocked out recently:

Network Administration

  • OpenVPN Installations
  • LG CU720 1.4 Setup
  • iPhone Setup, and Custom Applications Config
  • HP Hardware Recovery
  • Custom Power Supply Fabrication
  • Advanced Long Range High Intensity WiFi Installation

Internet Engineering

  • Advanced PHP Configuration
  • PHP Server (intranet) Security
  • HTTPS (public) Webserver Security

Desktop Support

  • Outlook Configuration
  • Dolphin 7850 Configuration
  • Windows Vista Config
  • Windows XP Professional Cleanup

Anything there sound like it matches your current needs?

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