The New Basecamp: Y’all Fix This Now

Dear Basecamp,

The new Basecamp is great, and I know you are working on the upgrading process. A couple things that would be nice are

(1) An option to de-privatize all “Private” items in a projects, in lieu of a method of being able to import them.

(2) An option to notify All Users of a project when it is imported.

I find myself manually doing these two steps on each project that I do import, because not having Private items in the new version is not a deal-killer for most projects (the loop-in feature neatly replaces most of the need for this, although they are do not fit exactly the same scenarios), and everybody does have to be notified when the project moves šŸ™‚ although I appreciate that it is not automatic.

Thank you!

UPDATE 20120424-Tue

It would also be very nice to have a one-click import for all eligible projects. It takes a while to go in and click on each one, and wait, and click, and so on.

UPDATE 2012-05-07 Mon

Everything’s migrated except one project… Where I’ve gone through and looked and looked for that last tricky Private item and haven’t found it yet. Aaargh…


  1. Greg Friese says:

    Did you ever figure out a way to find that last tricky private item. I am combing through lots and lots of items and files and messages and comments to find a private item(s)?

  2. Hi Greg, no I never found an easy way to find it… But we did get it and finally imported that last project. Good luck!

  3. sheanhoxie says:

    After removing the private items, I found that I had to log out of basecamp and back in for it to initialize the review of the account again. This might help those that are trying to find that “last one” when it simply doesn’t exist

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