What computer should I buy?

As the resident and go-to tech genius consortium for a wide range of businesses and individuals, we get asked this question a lot.

The best hardware platforms and factory hardware / software setups are being made by Apple in California.

The ideal system for the small business or home user is the iMac.

If portability is required, then the ideal system is the MacBook.

Users may run Apple’s OS X, Microsoft’s Windows XP, and any of a number of flavors of Linux on these systems. These operating systems may be also be configured to each be available on a particular machine.

There are several further considerations:

  • If the primary concern is budget, then we still recommend scanning the Dell Outlet for their cheapest offering.
  • Apple does not offer a Tablet computer at this time, however there is at least one company that professionally remixes MacBooks into a tablet version.
  • We don’t recommend running Windows Vista on ANY hardware platform at this time.


Apple Computer

Dell Outlet

Linux on a Mac

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