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Your Computer Genius Newsletter | Volume 1 | January 2010

Dear Clients, Associates, Team Members, and Friends:

News from 2009

2009 was an amazing year for Your Computer Genius. We grew in leaps and bounds AND we met a lot of great new folks! Some joined us as clients, some as associates, and some as Your Computer Genius Team Members! For regular news and updates, check us out on Facebook and Twitter!

Your Computer Genius presents

Our hosting division,, also grew rapidly this year. We’ve expanded our product offerings from Business Hosting and Basic Hosting to Enterprise Hosting and SSL Certificates. We now have servers in California, Texas, New York and are serving hundreds of gigabytes a month.

Affiliates and Partners

Though we aren’t really Salesmen ourselves, we do like to provide exceptional services to our clients. Our affiliates and partners are hand-picked companies that can deliver for our clients and friends, and they round out the Your Computer Genius suite of services. When we recommend a partner, you can be sure that they bring quality to the table. We can now offer a referral or directly provide:

· Domain Registration
· Web Hosting
· SSL Certificates
· Credit Card & eCheck Processing
· Antivirus+Encryption+Security Software
· Electronic Fax Services
· Newsletter Emailing Services
· Electronic Postal Mail Services (very cool, with check deposit!)
· Packaged E-Commerce Solutions
· Complete Small Company Billing Systems
· IT Hardware
· Software

As always, contact us first for recommendations and to see if we can get our supplier to beat that price!

We’re especially excited about our full featured email mailing service — it brought you this email today!

The Year of the Web Platform

In 2009 we launched four major web applications for clients that never would have materialized in the timeframe required had not rapid development platforms been used. Truly we have reached a new level on the internet — whether it is WordPress, Facebook, the Recess Framework, good old CakePHP, or even the new, ultra simple Unify — everything on the web can benefit from a platform, especially from the crowd-sourced security standpoint. The web platform is the new operating system. Contact us now to see how a platform can work for you!

Thanks for a wonderful year!!!

Our first corporate party, hosted January 2nd, 2010 at Old Town Pizza NW in Portland, Oregon was a smashing success! We’ll let you know when we’re coming to your town so we can get down and party in 2010!

Cheers! from Donal Turrentine and the Your Computer Genius Team

Your Computer Genius | | 503.383.YCG3 (9243)

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Genius Tech Blog LINKED Facebook –> Twitter –> WordPress. You can do it to…

Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade +1 h…

Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade +1

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has made the to-do list for the day and is checking things off.

Well, it’s definitely a monday…

Well, it’s definitely a monday…!