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apt-cyg: Adding apt-get like functionality to cygwin

Details here:

Browser Text Area Updates

Now, we are seeing some of this to be fair, in mobile browsing applications (i.e. Android, iOS and so on…) but it is still correct to say it is for the most part ignored. Even something like browser-level caching and local clipboards of typed content would be handy.

Btw there is something strange going on here: the textarea is the most popular text editor out there, the most used one where millions of people write short and long text every day, and still browser developers are not realizing that it should be improved.

Nitro Pro is Half Off

We’ve been using the free Nitro product offering for quite some time, and have even been recommending it to clients as the best free PDF reader and PDF printer-based creator.
Nitro has a special going right now where they are selling their products for %50 off, bringing it down to around $60. This would be a great time to buy it, especially if you are looking to do PDF publishing or professional PDF creation.

Acer Netbook LCD Replacement

Thank you to the folks over at who produced Acer Aspire One LCD Replacement — we just successfully replaced the LCD in an Acer Aspire One AO722 netbook.