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Verifone VX680

Yesterday we were working with our good friends at Portland Merchant Services with some very technical work on a pair of Verifone VX680 handheld payment devices.

I am very surprised by how little information is available about these devices on the open web. Now certainly, limiting the information available is important because of the need for security. But closed source devices like these often have numerous gaping wide security holes that never get patched because of their limited exposure.

Is anyone familiar with them? Is there a community of developers, administrators, or engineers that has deep experience with them?


Verifone USB Cable on eBay

Drivers for Verifone VX680 Terminal (COM8)

A Helpful Guide for Deploying Sophos Firewall

This is a helpful guide for deploying Sophos XG Firewall.

Sophos Home Launched

There is some very exciting news from Sophos — Sophos Home has launched (in beta) for free, for non-commercial use. It is licensed to never expire, and it works on Mac and Windows. This is very good news for every home computer!

Getting Excited about Sophos new UTM Offerings


Sophos UTM Offerings

Contact us if you are interested!

Useful Microsoft Tool for Creating SPF Records

Microsoft has a useful tool for creating SPF records.

It also queries the domain that you put in and nicely formats the results.

Of course, most of us are just “dig text domain” from the CLI or Cygwin on Windows, but it’s nice to have another method as well.

UPDATE There are also some helpful comments from HostGator.

Our First Implementation of SNI

We just implemented our first SSL domain to use SNI — which allows multiple websites to have independent SSL certificates yet share the same ipv4 address. This paves the way for us to coalesce several servers, and allows us to eliminate the multiple-ip-address fees for a bunch of clients.

Let us know if you get an error message on our own SSL cert, apparently Internet Explorer 8 and below on XP will, but every other major browser and user base will not:

Read more on SNI:

Feature Request: Free Enabling of SSH/SFTP Access to Sub-accounts on Host Gator’s Reseller Servers

It’s 2013, and you are still wanting to charge me for adding SSH/SFTP access to each user’s account? Please note: FTP is inherently insecure and should not be in use anymore, except perhaps wrapped in SSL. When you are sitting on a shared network, it is trivial for your passwords and so on to be sniffed. And in the Reseller setup, the default FTP account has the same password as the cPanel login… which is why we always use one-time throw away FTP account when forced to do so.

This is the #1 reason why I prefer to open sub-accounts under our other hosting providers.



We offer you jailed SSH, which limits access to your account only. In order to get jailed SSH access, come into Live Chat and request for us to enable this for you. Please note: This is a free service only for the primary domain on the account.

If you would like to activate SSH on a sub-account (separate cPanel), there is a one time charge of $10 per sub-account you would like activated. Please submit the online form.

If you have multiple cPanels which need SSH, then you will need to fill out the form as many times as necessary.