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Feature Request: The New Basecamp

* The ability to “Star” tasks and have them show up in a central place on the Dashboard (i.e. tasks I’m going to do today vis a vis GTD)

* Toggle-able, searchable, inherent Priority tab on every task (with custom priority levels) aka tags for to-do’s




* Drag-able content on the “Me” page, as well as

* Saving the last state of the To Do’s drop down select on page refresh/reload

* The pop up for the due date / assignee should not disappear in between selecting the two of those. (This makes 4 clicks for setting both, instead of 3…)

Thank you! Rolling on GIT

FINALLY we’re rolling on GIT…

The link that pushed us over the edge:

Thank you:

Panic Fail: Transmit-Coda shortcut sharing/syncing.

Well, Panic can’t really FAIL, because they’re so awesome, but c’mon guys, this would be a great time saving feature!

Of course, they don’t have anything to lose, since I’m already such a rabid fan that I’ll automatically buy the new version of whatever they put out, but c’mon guys…

Google Calendar Fail: Jump to a Date

You can’t put a date in the search box and jump to that date.