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Basecamp Pricing Suprise!

Just yesterday (IIRC, this week at least) I was looking over Basecamp’s pricing and plotting to downgrade. They offered a starter plan for $30/month, and we are still paying $50/month. With Trello’s rapid rise to basic usability (you see I’m not exactly throwing out the praising superlatives in all directions) I thought I could easily prune my active Basecamp project list down.

I got back to that task today, and then went to re-price Basecamp’s service, and this is what I saw:

Basecamp Suprises

Now, “a dollar a day” is substantially similar to $30/month, but I must say it was surprising to see it! The last three times I have looked at this page, albeit over the course of 2-3 years, it has been different each time.

And the second part of the surprise is that while it says “switch packages or cancel anytime,” there isn’t actually a downgrade option on my “upgrade” page:

Basecamp Suprise 2

***UPDATE 20130325***

But of course the support is superb:

Basecamp Support

Feature Request: Freshbooks Online Timer Rounding

We bill in quarter-hour increments, so it would be perfect if this timer interface (the web timer) had preferences. It should be able to configure it to round to whatever increment needed; it should support up, down, or nearest rounding as well. Auto-rounding (based on the selected preferences) and a few seconds delay a la Timersync after hitting submit would be ideal.

The only reason the browser is in use at the moment is because this is on OS X (and the dashboard widget is outdated and a pain).


Outlook Rules Wizard (Office 2010)

If you imported your rules from a previous version of Outlook and somehow all of them or many of them got marked “and on this computer only” and they are not processing correctly, you can fix them by one by one opening each rule, and re-selecting the destination folder (it should already be highlighted). Then, clicking “Finish.” The “on this computer only” should have dropped from the rule description. Then click “Apply” to save all your changes.

Oh, the pain of the Microsoft Outlook Rules and Alerts editor!

Feature Request: Basecamp Completed To Do Lists at top of Active To Do Lists

…or at least have a toggle-able option in the settings for such. Thanks!

“Create MP3 Version” missing in iTunes

It’s not really missing, but the “Create xyz Version” is dependent on your encoding settings in iTunes preferences. Of course. Hmm.


Thanks, Apple Insider folks!



VMrun Commands Summary

We have been moving older VM hosts off of VMWare Server 2 (running on an Ubuntu Server host) and this guide of VMrun commands came in handy:



Once email is in your account, you ought to be able to rename it (via the subject line) on the fly.

Sophos WinPE Images

Located here:


Feature Request: The New Basecamp

* The ability to “Star” tasks and have them show up in a central place on the Dashboard (i.e. tasks I’m going to do today vis a vis GTD)

* Toggle-able, searchable, inherent Priority tab on every task (with custom priority levels) aka tags for to-do’s




* Drag-able content on the “Me” page, as well as

* Saving the last state of the To Do’s drop down select on page refresh/reload

* The pop up for the due date / assignee should not disappear in between selecting the two of those. (This makes 4 clicks for setting both, instead of 3…)