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What We’ve Been Up To

Here’s are just a few of the projects that the Your Computer Genius Team has knocked out recently:

Network Administration

  • OpenVPN Installations
  • LG CU720 1.4 Setup
  • iPhone Setup, and Custom Applications Config
  • HP Hardware Recovery
  • Custom Power Supply Fabrication
  • Advanced Long Range High Intensity WiFi Installation

Internet Engineering

  • Advanced PHP Configuration
  • PHP Server (intranet) Security
  • HTTPS (public) Webserver Security

Desktop Support

  • Outlook Configuration
  • Dolphin 7850 Configuration
  • Windows Vista Config
  • Windows XP Professional Cleanup

Anything there sound like it matches your current needs?

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Vista in 2008? Not a Chance

There is little or no clamor in the Windows XP community for better stability or reliability. Windows XP is a mature, stable OS with a well-known list of weaknesses and corresponding work-arounds. On paper, Vista brings a better foundation, but in practice, it addresses problems that most customers weren’t aware even existed, let alone needed fixing.

Source: PC World

This exactly correct — a nice, succinct encapsulation of the policy our little circle of tech gurus formed well over a year ago: just say NO to Vista.

Surprising, the inadequacy of Vista coupled with the urge and desire to modernize has pushed many corporate users (and users of all kinds) to another stable and mature OS: OS X.


Submitted by Your Computer Genius on Wed, 2007/01/24 – 1:41pm.


My goal this year: to not install Windows Vista AT ALL.

I would like to declare Microsoft’s stranglehold on the desktop over, or at least weakening.

I am recommending MacBook Pro‘s to my clients, even ones in Active Directory domains, with out-of-the-box compatibility provided by Remote Desktop Connection and compatibility in the extreme by Boot Camp.

Samba 4 may, in time, mature into a first-class replacement for Active Directory (pdf).